Kit Stinson, Avaya

Jill has a tremendous gift. She can stand up in front of any audience, speak engagingly on any topic, and communicate passion, commitment, authenticity and positive energy. By the end of her presentation, even initially disaffected listeners not only believe in her, but more important, they believe in themselves and their own power to change, inspired by her example to meet whatever challenge may come their way.

Todd Doleshal, Ameriprise Financial

I saw Jill speak at a Mile High SHRM event and she did an outstanding job. She gave excellent advice how to get senior leadership involved to improve employee engagement and fix inefficient processes. I implemented her strategy the following day and because I followed her guidance and approach, we fixed the inefficient process immediately. ....................................................................................................

Rick Granquist, Developmental Disabilities Resource Center

Jill’s presentation is like a shot of espresso. Short in length, but the message jolts you awake. Her four-step employee engagement process is simple to understand, and you walk away motivated to do things differently and immediately. If you’ve been looking for a way jumpstart how your company engages it’s employees, invite Jill to speak. The sooner your company can do this, the better.

Ross Shafer, Author, Hall-of-Fame Speaker, Emmy Award Winner

Jill is a very poised speaker, and has a strong command of the stage and her content. Her street credibility in the area of Employee Engagement is rock solid and she offers great value to the audience. She spoke before me at a recent conference, and when I saw the entire audience nodding their heads and taking notes, I knew how deeply she was resonating with them.

Greg Guthrie, American Cancer Society

I had the pleasure of seeing Jill speak at Coca Cola in Atlanta. She provided a lot of helpful information in an easily understandable format, and I really appreciated her no-nonsense, direct approach to the subject matter! The lessons she shared, including those in her book, will be very useful for us in the coming months and years as we focus on improving employee engagement and morale.

Cathy Chase, CenturyLink

Jill’s presentation on employee disengagement gets to the heart of an issue that so many companies face today. It opens your eyes to the real business challenges a disengaged workforce presents and how it can affect your bottom line. Jill presents compelling, research-based facts in an interactive setting, which is powerful. Her passion for this topic is undeniable.

Dante Ragazzo, Coach

Jill knows how to get your attention and keep you interested. When she speaks, you understand immediately how her counsel will add business value. Her style is energetic and focused, with just the right amount of humor and fun. If you’re looking to inspire and engage your team, and get measurable employee engagement results, look no further.

Debbie Kemp, Bankrate, Inc.

Jill is an experienced, resourceful and passionate communicator. Her ability to work across global cultures and engage people from all walks of life enables her to drive change. She is one of the most passionate and collaborative individuals with whom I have ever worked.

Andy Wilson, Altitude Payroll

If you are looking for the most innovative and inspiring speaker to help improve your employee’s engagement with the organization, Jill is the leader you want in your corner. She is dynamic in her delivery, yet practical in the methodology she teaches. For true transformation of your business, I would highly recommend Jill Christensen to speak at your next leadership or organizational meeting.

Kurt Joseph Conner, Monarch Beverage

I saw Jill speak at SHRM’s Talent Management Conference. Her presentation was by far the most beneficial and inspiring one. I am excited to head back to the office and implement her four-step engagement plan as soon as possible.

Jessica Brooks, Enova International

Jill's presentation at SHRM's Talent Management conference was fantastic. She does an excellent job presenting her four-step model and actionable takeaways in an engaging manner!

Damon Hayes-Milligan, OKHR 2017 State Conference Co-Chair

Jill was the keynote speaker at our OKHR 2017 State Conference and she did an outstanding job. She is extremely articulate and well-spoken!

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